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1)    How does CSI bill for its services? 
We charge either hourly for some services, e.g. grant writing, or a fixed agreement for a period of time for more complex or harder to time-predict services. The first meeting is free of charge and is used to see if CSI can be of value. If not, CSI staff may be able to give alternatives to the client that may suit him/her better.  If the project moves ahead, contracts are created, and the project is defined and begun.  Depending on the specifics of the contract, CSI will bill for services rendered or at specific time points.  
2)    What if I am a startup? Can CSI help?
CSI provides services as described under Our Services for organizations at all points in development.   We can help new and established organizations as well as assisting communities.  CSI does have access to potential funding mechanisms that can be used to raise revenue to pay for CSI services and other organizational revenue needs, especially crowdfunding, that customers can use, if needed. To obtain revenue assistance, an analysis of the business potential of the business will be undertaken and an answer given back promptly to the client on feasibility. If you aren’t sure, just contact us and take advantage of the first free consultation.
3)    Are CSI’s services more applicable for private entities or Government agencies?
The answer is both.  Our focus is sustainability and effectiveness, which in communities requires participation and mutual support between governmental and community organizations.  However, we also serve small businesses of all types, for profit organizations, private/public partnerships, educational organizations, and others.  All parties need to know if their systems produce results. Whether it be taxpayers, stockholders, lenders, or clients, we all want to know how effectively our dollars are being spent.  
4)    Are you dealing with any private businesses now?
Sure. We are dealing with a new crowdfunding company, as mentioned before, located in Florida. We also have commercial clients in the United Kingdom, Georgia, Idaho and, of course, Florida, to name a few.  The need is there, and as this is now the age of accountability and sustainability, receiving proper value from your investment in services and product development is essential.
5)    Where is CSI headed as a company?
CSI is looking to take advantage of the many years of experience of its founder and the consulting team and attract new individuals and companies to work with and expand its reach into sustainable systems. That will require special talent, innovation, and creative methods of developing new and improving current approaches.  So, additional consultants other then those under Our Team are contracted as needed and we are always recruiting new talent to expand our capacity.  New partnerships are being formed and new clients are coming on board.  Only special talent and creativity will be part of the CSI growth.  

1)    How does Influence bill for its membership? 

Influence has one membership. That is $150 per month, month to month. No Initiation fees, no special hidden costs. That allows a 9AM to 5PM office usage. If you wish 7/24 round the clock access, contact

2)    What if I am a startup? Can Influence help?

Startups are prime territory for Inlfuence. We have mnerged experienced, successful entrepreneurs with the new, raw technology talent existing in Starter Studio. A perfect place for startups to begin and flourish.

3)    Are Influence’s services better than using SCORE or similar type business consulting services?

Influence has one big difference form all the entrepreneurial, business consulting companies and services. It does things. It actually tries to create partnerships directed at the entrepreneur's idea. rather than learn through education, Influence teaches through action and operating a business.

4)    Are you dealing with any startup businesses now?

Influence members have helped start several new businesses. Harvey Johnson Social Media, the Door to Door I4 Joint Venture, Free Market Heroes, a Kid's Entrepreneur initiative, while supporting startups such as Lamonte G. Photography and contributing to Real Second Chance, an entrepreneurial organization helping distressed individuals of all types. 

5)    How do you see the Influence Club Growing?

We want Influence to grow from the ground up. Kids, those with financial difficulties, those who usually would not be able to become entrepreneurs, are our targets. New technologies and ideas that emerge from the Starter Studio partnership are promising because they are just starting, and need so much external help and support. In truth, the sky is the limit, but especially those who in past years, couldn't succeed. We want to help them have a chance.A major benefit to the Community exists if they succeed. 

6) If I don't live in Orlando, can I still join Influence?

 We encourage face to face meetings to get the major benefits of the Ted's Community, Starter Studio relationship. It makes it so much easier and more possible to create businesses when entrepreneurs and business people share information, face to face. Although we have never tried, if there is a demand for remote membership, we will talk to and work with potential clients and see if it at least accomplished a path towards success. 

"I believe to be successful in a skilled area, especially a new entrepreneurial activity, one needs to know the difference between knowing about  something and actually knowing something. The world is filled wit the former, while success accrues to the latter"

Claude Smith.

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