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Our Team

Claude Smith – Co-Founder

Has significant experience both in the Corporate world and private entrepreneurship. His corporate experience includes accomplishments in IBM, and Citibank in a variety of jobs ranging from programmer analyst to Senior Vice President of London Operations. His entrepreneurial activities stretch from technology innovation to marketing for key entrepreneurial businesses. Entrepreneurial successes include building the largest graphics company in the Casino Gaming Industry, leading a major water treatment company in the Northwest U.S., and creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs using crowdfunding and creative funding methods. He is currently working on two BlockChain projects, which he believes have tremendous potential for future opportunities worldwide.     

He is married, with a B.S. in Math, and a Masters in Business Administration, majoring in Financial Management  

Ted Bogert – Co-Founder

"The Ted Show“ made its debut from the Citrus Club in Orlando, Florida in August of 2017. Ted Bogert brings a high-tempo energy to the City Beautiful with his welcoming interview style, love of audience interaction, and laughter. Known for his huge online presence, Ted loves each and every one of his fans who have supported his talk show host journey. Join Ted on his locally popular Facebook Live show daily for discussions on business, arts, community, relationships & more right on his Facebook page! See the Ted Show Archive here. A great tribute to the City of Orlando.  

Lamonte Gwynn - Founding Member

Lamonte Gwynn, in a very short period of time, has established himself as the premier "Headshot" photographer in the area. His "Expression Coach" concept, brings life to all images, and personalizes the best from his clients. from corporations, to groups, to individuals, Lamonte's work is unchallenged. Not just a high-end photographer, Lamonte Gwynn, the premier Expression Coach in Central Florida

David Washington – Founding Member

Advisor and former Transition Team (Growth) Director for Commissioner Maribel Gomez Cordero, Orange County Commission District 4. Campaign Manager for the Elect Maribel Gomez Cordero for Orange County Commissioner District 4 Campaign, Elect Patricia Fox to Orange County School Board District 6 Campaign, and Elect D Clark Anderson for Florida House District 30 Campaign.

David's firm, Meyers & Washington, LLC, provides consultation services to entrepreneurs, small- and medium-sized law firms, and political campaigns in Central Florida. David's expertise includes managing focus groups with qualitative analysis, comprehensive political campaign management and political leadership consultation. 

Donna Smith, Membership Director

Donna Smith has a history of success in sales and customer service positions in various industries. From her degree in engineering, with a Computer Science major, she began as a systems analyst for a large defense contractor computer company in California. From there, she found an interest in sales and marketing and became a leader in providing bundled health and administrative services to companies throughout Las Vegas, Nevada. In that role, she was nominated to the Board of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and served in that position for a two year term.

In her subsequent family move to Florida, she decided to fulfill one of her childhood dreams, and went to work for Walt Disney World in Orlando.  In her 10 years at Disneyworld, she held a variety of positions on the sales and client entertainment side, and on a daily basis, made the experiences of visitors better for her participation.

Donna is currently President of Real Second Chance, Inc., a 501c3 dedicated to helping distressed-background entrepreneurs succeed. And she manages Influence Business Club Membership. 

"The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries." -- Winston Churchill

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